The Foodie Traveller, Revival of Native American cuisine in Minneapolis (The Guardian, July 2015)

When Will Native American Food Finally Get its Due?” ( June 2015)

“Native American tribes tackle diet and health woes with businesses built on traditional foods”(The Guardian June 2015)

White Mountain Chef Revives Native American Cuisine (AZCentral, February 2015)

“Nisqually Tribe Garden Cultivates Tradition, Community” by Lisa Pemberton (The Olympian Newspaper) July 16, 2014

New York’s First Native American Restaurant Was Run By An Indian-American Chef (April 2014)

Native American chef shares indigenous culinary traditions (The Journal Sentinel, November 2014)

New Native American Restaurant Promises Amazing “Pre-colonization” menu” ( October 2014)

“A resurgence in indigenous farming and food could contribute to a healthier, more delicious future for tribal nations” by Sarah McColl ( – October 20, 2014

“The Muckleshoot Tribe is Spreading Traditional Food Through Schools” by Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission – October 27, 2014

Nephi Craig, Farm to Table, Movement to Rediscover Native American Cooking (Newsweek, August 2013)

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