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Sites listed here from most recently to lastly visited:

Food is Our Medicine, Seneca Nation

Ho-Chunk Whirling Thunder Organic Farm

Tsyunhehkwa Oneida Nation Farms

Spirit Lake Native Farms

Bad River Food Sovereignty

Little Earth Urban Farms

Dream of Wild Health

Little Earth Urban Farms

Mashkiikii Gitigan (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Mdewankanton Wozupi Farm: Shakopee Tribe (Prior Lake, Minnesota)

White Earth Land Recovery Project (White Earth, Minnesota)

Slim Buttes Agricultural Development Program (Pine Ridge, South Dakota)

Cheyenne River Sioux Youth Project (Cheyenne River, South Dakota)

Winyan Toka Win Garden

Nisqually, Washington

The Olympian Newspaper Headlines (July 16, 2014): click link

Nisqually Shellfish Farm

Muckleshoot Tribe (Auburn, Washington)

Portland (Native American Youth and Family Center), Oregon

Sierra Seed Cooperative

Bishop (Paiute Tribe), California

Bishop Native Plant Gardens

Big Pine (Paiute Tribe), California

The Inyo Register article

Black Mesa Water Coalition

People’s Climate March: Indigenous Environmental Justice and Other Frontline Communities

Climate March Slideshow

Democracy Now! article

Indian Country Today article

White Mountain Apache “The People’s Farm”: Ndee Bikiyaa (Whiteriver, Arizona)

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Project – Kykotsmovi Village, Arizona

Tohono O’odham Community Action (TOCA), Sells, Arizona

Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico

Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

Taos,  New Mexico

Taos County Economic Development Corporation: click link

Red Willow Cooperative Website: click link

Taos Pueblo Tribe Website :click link

Nambe, New Mexico

Nambe Pueblo Website: click link

Ponca City, Oklahoma

Ponca Tribe Website: click link

Vinita, Oklahoma

Cherokee Nation Website

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Movement (MFSI): click link

Coushatta, Louisiana

Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana: click link2014-06-01 10.59.21


  1. Hi Rowen,
    Wow! Your blog is tremendous! Hi, my name is Stephen Lasko, and I am a market gardener from Davis, California. I have become gradually more and more interested in the heritage varieties of the Native Americans, and in their agricultural history, in general. I have noticed that many of the age-old varieties of many tribes are vulnerable, as only a solitary seed house or none at all preserves them. Mary Oliver, the nature poet, said in her tragically powerful poem Tecumseh, “there is sickness worse than the risk of death and that is forgetting what we should never forget.” I am hoping to help in the effort to preserve them, by perhaps starting a small seed conservancy garden, myself, or through some other means, which I haven’t entirely figured out yet. I was wondering if you knew of any varieties other than those that I have identified from the SSE books, RAFT list of foods at risk in North America, Fur Trade Museum garden, Native Seeds, and several other sources. I can seed you the rough draft of the excel list if you’d like. It includes crop, variety, tribe, seed source, no. of seed source, and notes headings. This is a fun undertaking for me, and I hope that some of this research can be of interest/use to others.

    Amaranth Hopi Red Dye
    Amaranth Guarijio Indian Grain
    Amaranth Mountain Pima Greens
    Amaranth Paiute
    Amaranth Pueblo Red Dye
    Amaranth Southern Tepehuan Baute
    Amaranth Tarahumara Okite
    Amaranth Warihio
    Bean, Bush, Dry Algonquin Fisher
    Bean, Bush, Dry Algonquin Red Speckled
    Bean, Bush, Dry Anasazi
    Bean, Bush, Dry Arikara Yellow
    Bean, Bush, Dry Cherokee Cornfield
    Bean, Bush, Dry Cherokee Greasy
    Bean, Bush, Dry Chickashaw
    Bean, Bush, Dry Gila River Bean
    Bean, Bush, Dry Great Northern
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hidatsa Red
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hidatsa White
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hidatsa Shield Figure
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Black
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Black Pinto
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Gold
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Pink
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Pinto
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Purple String
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi Red
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi String Bean
    Bean, Bush, Dry Hopi White
    Bean, Bush, Dry Iroquois Brown
    Bean, Bush, Dry Iroquois Cranberry
    Bean, Bush, Dry Iroquois Nation
    Bean, Bush, Dry Lenape Cutshort/Indian Hannah
    Bean, Bush, Dry Mimbres Cave
    Bean, Bush, Dry Mohawk
    Bean, Bush, Dry Mohawk Early
    Bean, Bush, Dry Mohawk Vermont
    Bean, Bush, Dry Montezuma Red
    Bean, Bush, Dry Nez Perce
    Bean, Bush, Dry Odawa Indian
    Bean, Bush, Dry Odawa Soup
    Bean, Bush, Dry Onondonga Kidney
    Bean, Bush, Dry O’odham Pink
    Bean, Bush, Dry Pawnee
    Bean, Bush, Dry Pueblo Black
    Bean, Bush, Dry Six Nation
    Bean, Bush, Dry Seneca
    Bean, Bush, Dry Seneca Stripe
    Bean, Bush, Dry Seneca Tonawanda
    Bean, Bush, Dry Taos Pueblo Red
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahumara Azufrado
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahumara Bakamina
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahumara Canario
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahumara Capirame
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahumara Kakamira
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahumara Norteno
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tarahuma Reds
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tohono O’odham Pink
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tohono O’dham Yellow
    Bean, Bush, Dry Tonawanda Seneca
    Bean, Bush, Dry Zuni Gold
    Bean, Bush, Dry Zuni Shalako
    Bean, Pole, Dry 1500 Year Old Cave Bean
    Bean, Pole, Dry Apache Red
    Bean, Pole, Dry Blue Shackamaxon
    Bean, Pole, Dry Cherokee (Trail of Tears)
    Bean, Pole, Dry Cornplanter Purple
    Bean, Pole, Dry Gila
    Bean, Pole, Dry Hopi Beige
    Bean, Pole, Dry Hopi Light Yellow
    Bean, Pole, Dry Hopi Red
    Bean, Pole, Dry Hopi Yellow
    Bean, Pole, Dry Indian Hannah
    Bean, Pole, Dry Iroquois Flagg
    Bean, Pole, Dry Mohawk Valley
    Bean, Pole, Dry O’odham Vayos
    Bean, Pole, Dry Taos Brown
    Bean, Pole, Dry Taos Red
    Bean, Pole, Dry Tarahumara Black and Blue
    Bean, Pole, Dry Tarahumara Caballito and Burro
    Bean, Pole, Dry Tarahumara Café
    Bean, Pole, Dry Tarahumara Carpinteros
    Bean, Pole, Dry Tarahumara Chokame
    Bean, Pole, Dry Tarahumara Choliwame
    Corn, Dent Aztec Red
    Corn, Dent Cherokee (Trail of Tears)
    Corn, Dent Cherokee Blue and White
    Corn, Dent Cherokee Long Ear
    Corn, Dent Cherokee White
    Corn, Dent Cherokee White Eagle
    Corn, Dent Cheyenne Red
    Corn, Dent Hopi Tall Blue
    Corn, Dent Mesquakie
    Corn, Dent Oaxacan Green
    Corn, Dent Pawnee Blue
    Corn, Dent Tohono O’odham June
    Corn, Flint Apache Yellow Flint
    Corn, Flint Bear Island Chippewa
    Corn, Flint Cheyenne Agency Striped
    Corn, Flint Gaspe
    Corn, Flint Ha-Go-Wa (Seneca Flint)
    Corn, Flint King Philip, Improved
    Corn, Flint Lenni Lenape
    Corn, Flint Mandan Black Flint
    Corn, Flint Mandan Clay Red
    Corn, Flint Osage Red
    Corn, Flint Seneca Blue Bear Dancer
    Corn, Flint Seneca Indian Corn
    Corn, Flint Seneca Red Stalker
    Corn, Flint Tarahumara Apachito
    Corn, Flint Tarahumara Golden Cristalino
    Corn, Flint Tarahumara Maiz Azul
    Corn, Flint Tarahumara Serape
    Corn, Flint Tarahumara Calico
    Corn, Flour Acoma Blue Flour
    Corn, Flour Anasazi
    Corn, Flour Apache
    Corn, Flour Arikara White
    Corn, Flour Assinioboine
    Corn, Flour Cherokee Village
    Corn, Flour Cherokee White
    Corn, Flour Cheyenne Pencil
    Corn, Flour Cherokee Indian Flour
    Corn, Flour Cherokee White Flour
    Corn, Flour Cochiti Blue
    Corn, Flour Concho White
    Corn, Flour Delaware Lenni Lenape
    Corn, Flour Delaware White Flour
    Corn, Flour Hopi
    Corn, Flour Hopi Blue
    Corn, Flour Hopi Greasy Hair
    Corn, Flour Hopi Kokoma
    Corn, Flour Hopi Orange-Red
    Corn, Flour Hopi Pink
    Corn, Flour Hopi Purple
    Corn, Flour Hopi Purpleback Kokoma
    Corn, Flour Hopi Red
    Corn, Flour Hopi Red White and Blue
    Corn, Flour Hopi Speckled
    Corn, Flour Hopi Turquoise
    Corn, Flour Hopi White
    Corn, Flour Hopi Yellow
    Corn, Flour Iroquois Calico
    Corn, Flour Iroquois White Giant
    Corn, Flour Mandan Bride
    Corn, Flour Mandan Red Clay
    Corn, Flour Mandan Society Corn
    Corn, Flour Mojave
    Corn, Flour Navajo (Dine) Blue Flour
    Corn, Flour Navajo (Dine) Robin’s Egg Flour
    Corn, Flour Navajo (Dine) White Flour
    Corn, Flour Osage Brown
    Corn, Flour Pawnee
    Corn, Flour Pima White
    Corn, Flour Ponca Blue
    Corn, Flour Quapaw
    Corn, Flour Seneca Blue Bear Dance
    Corn, Flour Seneca Hominy
    Corn, Flour Six Nations
    Corn, Flour Taos Blue
    Corn, Flour Tohono O’odham 60 day
    Corn, Flour Tohono O’odham June
    Corn, Pop Chapalote
    Corn, Pop Chapalote Mayo Yellow
    Corn, Pop Cherokee
    Corn, Pop Cherokee Long Ear
    Corn, Pop Cochiti Pueblo
    Corn, Pop Onaveno
    Corn, Sweet Anasazi
    Corn, Sweet Hopi
    Corn, Sweet Hopi Massiqa
    Corn, Sweet Mandan Red
    Corn, Sweet Mohawk Black Puckers
    Corn, Sweet Orchard Baby
    Corn, Sweet Zuni/Anasazi
    Corn, Other Teosinte (Annual)
    Lima Cliff Dweller
    Lima Hopi
    Lima Hopi Orange
    Lima Hopi Red
    Lima Hopi Tan
    Lima Hopi Yellow
    Lima Worchester Indian Red Pole
    Potato Makah Ozette
    Squash, Maxima American Indian
    Squash, Maxima Arikara
    Squash, Maxima Arikara Acorn
    Squash, Maxima Arikara Ebony Acer
    Squash, Maxima Arikara Washington
    Squash, Maxima Boston Marrow
    Squash, Maxima Hidatsa
    Squash, Maxima Hopi Orange
    Squash, Maxima Hopi Pale Grey
    Squash, Maxima Hopi White
    Squash, Maxima Hopi White Pumpkin
    Squash, Maxima Lakota
    Squash, Maxima Mandan
    Squash, Maxima Nanicoke
    Squash, Maxima Navajo Hubbard
    Squash, Maxima Taos Pueblo
    Squash, Mixta Gila Cushaw
    Squash, Mixta Gila Cliff Dweller Cushaw
    Squash, Mixta Hopi
    Squash, Mixta Hopi Black Green
    Squash, Mixta Hopi Taos
    Squash, Mixta Hopi Vatagna Cushaw
    Squash, Mixta Navajo Cushaw
    Squash, Argyrosperma Wichita
    Squash, Moschata Algonquin Pumpkin
    Squash, Moschata Choctaw Sweet Potato
    Squash, Moschata Creek Candy Roaster
    Squash, Moschata Seminole
    Squash, Moschata Yoeme Segualca
    Squash, Pepo Acoma Pumpkin
    Squash, Pepo Cheyenne Acorn
    Squash, Pepo Connecticuit Field
    Squash, Pepo Hopi Pumpkin
    Squash, Pepo Lakota
    Squash, Pepo Mandan
    Squash, Pepo Mandan Banquet
    Squash, Pepo Mandan Strain no. 1
    Squash, Pepo Mandan Yellow
    Squash, Pepo Mt. Pima Vavuli
    Squash, Pepo Omaha
    Squash, Pepo Shawnee Sunset
    Squash, Pepo Tarahumara Indian
    Squash, Pepo Tarahumara Pumpkin
    Squash, Pepo Worchester Indian Pumpkin
    Squash, Gourd Okeechobee Gourd
    Sunflower Apache Brown
    Sunflower Arikara
    Sunflower California Valley Yokut Indian
    Sunflower Havasupai Mix
    Sunflower Havasupai Small
    Sunflower Havasupai Striped
    Sunflower Hidatsa no. 1
    Sunflower Hopi Black Seed
    Sunflower Hopi Black Dye
    Sunflower Hopi Branched
    Sunflower Hopi Mix
    Sunflower Puebloan (Hopi)
    Sunflower Seneca
    Sunflower Sumpweed
    Sunflower Tarahumara White
    Tepary Cocopah Brown
    Tepary Cocopah White
    Tepary Hopi White
    Tepary Mitla Black
    Tepary O’odham Brown
    Tepary Paiute Mixed
    Tepary Paiute Yellow
    Tepary Pima Beige and Brown
    Tepary Tohono O’odham Red-Brown
    Tepary Tohono O’odham White
    Tepary Yaqui
    Tepary Yoeme (Yaqui) Beige-Brown
    Tepary Yoeme Brown
    Tobacco Cherokee Ceremonial
    Tobacco Delaware Sacred
    Tobacco Hopi
    Tobacco Hopi Smoking
    Tobacco Indian
    Tobacco Mandan
    Tobacco Midewiwan Sacred
    Tobacco Mohawk
    Tobacco Santa Domingo Ceremonial
    Tobacco Zapotec Ceremonial
    Tomatillo Tarahumara White
    Tomatillo Wild Tomatillo of the Continental Divide
    Tomatillo Zuni
    Watermelon Arikara
    Watermelon Navajo Red-Meated
    Watermelon Navajo Yellow-Meated
    Wheat Pima Club

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Sorry, I got confused by that caption on the banner. I thought it was Rowen’s page. Well, I guess I have the same question for you as to what varieties you may have encountered that I do not have listed here. The videos are great!st

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