Clayton: Hoeing weeds, talking to children and grand kids, shearing cheep, butchering churro. We know it’s important. But when we get recognized by other organizations in international level, it reinforces what our elders in our communities have been telling us all these years. Then we can pass that along to our kids and our grandkids. You’re not the only ones doing it, its really important. People all over the world doing this. Isolated o communities, marginalized communities the work that we’re doing has a global impact. Just us working in the fields that evening. For me that’s the biggest benefit. Just knowing that whatever our leaders left us and they knew how important it was, there’s people all over the globe engaged in the same thing. Having the right to do that, having the water to do that, having the seeds and control of the seeds to do that. I think we need those allies to ensure that if once if we are being impacted, we have allies all over the world behind us, and they know us, and they understand what our struggle is. That’s where it s been good for us.

Clayton—talked about traveling, meeting other land-based people whose languages and foods were threatened “We can bring that message back to our own kids, our grand kids. To see this, the work that I’m doing at this point isn’t just me and my family anymore its for my kids, grandkids, great grandkids. Those relationships we’re building now not just for me and my family but we gotta think further and further. The faces are still coming. That’s the work that we’re doing right now. We’re opening the door and greeting one another for our kids and our great grandkids”

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